Ballymagarvey Village Wedding, Meath - Meave & Paul / by Brideen Baxter

Wedding Photography Ireland Ballymagarvey Village Wedding Meave and Paul 001.JPG

With talk of hurricane strength winds ripping through England I guess it’s safe to say that summer is well and truly gone.  Where did it go?!?  We’ve been so busy shooting and editing that we’ve not had a chance to blog that much, so with the days getting shorter and darker we now have a little more time to share some of our fantastic summer weddings with you.

This was our first time in the fabulous Ballymagarvey Village – a little idyllic village set in the Irish countryside. It's a wedding photographer's dream! Meave is originally from Omagh but has relocated to England where she lives with Bolton-boy Paul.

I loved the beautiful flowers Meave picked – they could’ve have better fitted the old Church.  I especially loved how she decided to wear gorgeous flowers in her hair.

When they got back from honeymoon Meave emailed to tell us that Paul won’t stop using Deci’s so-called ‘Premier-League photo pose’…  we fully expect him to be a professional model before their first wedding anniversary.