Ballyvolane House Wedding, Cork – Aisling and Darron (and Dogs and Balloons!) / by Brideen Baxter

Ballyvolane Wedding Photos Aisling Jasper 001.JPG

It feels weird calling Darron by his first name as we’ve come to know him, as everyone does, by his nickname; Jasper. Aisling and Jasper are both from Dublin but we happily joined them in the utterly amazing Ballyvolane House in Cork for their wedding.  Ballyvolane is simply one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Ireland - it's a wedding photographer's dream.  As well as the gorgeous house itself, there’s Glamping (Glam Camping), stunning walled gardens where delicious seasonal veg is grown and served to guests, and wonderful grounds that you could lose hours walking around.  On top of this, Jenny and Justin are wonderful hosts – the place has such a family feel.

We had heard stories about Oakley, Aisling and Jasper’s dog, but nothing could prepare us for actually meeting him!  He’s so fluffy and so so so so HUGE!  As well as Oakley, we had Jenny and Justin’s two (much smaller) dogs added to the mix – Deci spent the day before the wedding playing with them for hours!

I loved Aisling’s attention to detail.  Everything had a personal, DIY touch.  From the gorgeous flowers and details, down to an embroidered ‘I love you’ that Aisling stitched into Jasper’s tie.  They had their wedding just as they wanted it… and it was perfect.